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Image of Omar and Diego at Un Lugar en Ortuzar Releasing Ceremony in Buenos Aires
“With passages that are born in jazz and fuse into the classical, progressive, and Latin realms, this Ceremony is an invitation to rejoice in sound and surrender to the flow of music.” — Alejandro Do Carmo, on Film-Song, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Replacement
The Romance of Count Olinos
New Haircut
Blonde Girl
The Ceremony
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Ceremony is my debut album of original music, a project shared with pianist Diego Ruiz and recorded in Buenos Aires in 2007.  Ceremony’s compositions are instrumental and follow the traditional jazz format, drawing elements from jazz, impressionism, rock, funk, Argentinean folklore, and contemporary music among other styles.  Our goal for both Diego and I was to create an album with musical variety and space for improvisation, interaction, and collaborative work.  We hope you enjoy it!

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The CD Bio

Diego and I first met in 2000.  I had just finished high school in Buenos Aires when I started playing guitar in the big band that Diego was conducting at that time, Los Saxópatas.  Soon we began sharing our own music, and in 2007 we decided to make Ceremony.  Since I was already traveling between Buenos Aires and New York City by that time, the project was done in stages: mastering and artwork had to wait until January 2009, the New York City release (with pianist Jesse Stacken) was done at The Shrine in September of 2009, and the Buenos Aires release was done in January 2012 at Un Lugar en Ortúzar.  Before the presentation, Diego and I were very happily interviewed for the Argentinean radio show La Isla de los Monos (Monkeys’ Island) by Santiago Rodriguez Rey and Ale do Carmo, who also reviewed the album for the blog Film-Song (From the Underground) in April 2012.