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Upcoming Shows

  • December 7 (Fri) 8 to 10 pm.
  • Flier
  • THIS

  • Original Rock & Roll and Covers
  • If the Ramones and Miles Davis had a Baby
  • After a successful debut at the legendary Stephen Talkhouse, THIS returns for another show.  Bring your friends and have a good time!  With Josh LeClerc, Klyph Black, and Anthony Genovesi.
  • The Stephen Talkhouse: 161 Main St., Amagansett, NY 11930.
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Photo Albums

THIS at 230 Down Feb. 2018

THIS at Pianos Jan. 2017

THIS at Pianos Dec. 2016


Party?  Birthday?  Wedding?  Love Rock’n Roll?  We’ve got you.  Let us Rock your next event.

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Compilation by THIS


Hamptons Music Family

Hamptons Music Family is a Youtube Channel broadcasting music, art, activities, events, and all the beauty happenning in the Hamptons area, where THIS has been located and active lately for the most part.  Many thanks, Hamptons Music Family, for including THIS in your program!

Our band THIS

THIS is an original rock band based in East Hampton, NY.  Since music can’t be put in words, when we are onstage we want to forget everything we “know” and just play.  We want to encourage the audience to have this experience as listeners too, and that’s what the name “THIS” is there to do.  THIS is centered around the spirit of classic rock and roll and draws elements from many different styles, such as metal, alternative, funk, pop, jazz, and even classical music.  It started out as a jazz band many years ago in New York City, and has undergone several transformations to become what it is today.

“THIS is immediately available.  THIS breath, THIS feeling, THIS sound, THIS song.  And living in the moment is what art needs
to make itself evident.  To be involved with THIS (whatever it happens to be any given moment), and to commit to it openly,
is a practice, and it is a way of life.  To live JUST THIS is to surrender.  It is to give up expectations and fears for the
sake of expressiveness and freedom, and that is what every artist is trying to do.

THIS is not an idea.  It is real.  Words can describe, but they can never replace the experience of THIS.  And finally, THIS
is always changing, like music.  We can play a ballad or a heavy rock song, and the thread that keeps it all together is
always the same, and it is always there for us to share it together.  Just THIS.”

Omar Haddad